Our Story

Alchemized Nature creates timeless adornments from Mother Nature’s gifts. Our jewelry carries the beauty of the natural world and awakens our innate desire for connection to the Earth, while adding an eternal fifth stage to the butterfly life cycle.
About Alchemized Nature
Alchemized Nature is not just a brand, it is a way of life. Since the birth of Alchemized Nature in 2020, connection to Mother Nature has been inherent. We believe that regenerative practices are going to restore the balance we seek in the natural world. This is why we utilize the organic offerings from Mother Nature such as flowers, butterflies, crystals, etc. to create adornments of high quality with lasting materials ready for a lifetime of wear. We recognize the fundamental human desire to "dress up" and adorn ourselves and we seek to help individuals indulge that desire, guilt free. Each adornment has a one of a kind signature, just as you do. We hope to aid you in finding your unique match.
Alchemized Nature puts nature back in the hands of people in hopes that it sparks a reverence and respect for the earth, so the more beautiful and connected world we all dream of comes to fruition.  Allow our adornments to inspire you to lead your life in harmony with the natural world around you.
It's time to return home.
Butterfly/Specimen Sourcing

Alchemized Nature's top priority is making certain each element of nature/material used is ethically and regeneratively sourced. 

We source many of our butterflies from sanctuaries where they live their full and natural lives. When we purchase the wings the profits go back to the sanctuary. This funding allows the sanctuary to fight extinction by releasing thousands of butterflies back into their natural habitat, ensuring the butterfly life cycle for generations to come. This in turn protects native forests and the flora and fauna that inhabits them. When you purchase from us you are ensuring our 4 winged friend's future and fighting native forest destruction!

Other butterflies I work with come in the form of gifts from Mother Nature. I find butterflies that have naturally passed in my garden, in local nature preserves or have been found by dear friends. Creating with these gifts will always have a special place in my heart, as that is how Alchemized Nature's butterfly designs came to be.


My name is Casey Preinitz, I am the soul(sole) artist behind Alchemized Nature. Growing up on a lake in rural Wisconsin with a doors open policy, you can say that Mother Nature had a hand in raising me. Exploring the open meadows, listening to the waves crash on the rocks, and climbing trees to pick berries, I've always had a deep reverence for nature and all her gifts. My mother is an artist but the responsibility of raising a large family came first. I remember sneaking into the basement to flip through her sketches and admire her pottery, but I never knew my mother the artist. And I didn't know the artist inside of me either. Life continued on and I always said "I'm not creative. I just don't know how to be," but I always had a spark of curiosity to see what I was capable of. It would be many years until I allowed myself to follow that curiosity. With 2020 came an itch to immerse myself in nature, I began to bring art supplies into the woods with me. I'd sit for hours, sometimes painting wildflowers I had picked or other times just mixing paint to see what new beautiful shade I could create. One day I was sitting in the creek, when a Tiger Swallowtail butterfly wing floated up to me. So unique and vibrant, unlike anything I'd seen before (my necklace in the above photo). Admiring the existing beauty, I felt no call to replicate it like I did when painting. I wanted to amplify it. So I did. I began preserving elements of nature in resin and transforming them into wearable talismans to share with others. This brand, Alchemized Nature, is a physical representation of my relationship with Mother Nature. I hope my adornments inspire you to cultivate yours, too.
Lots of love,
Casey Preinitz