casey wearing alchemized nature jewelry, butterfly necklace, crystal necklace, snake choker
My name is Casey Preinitz, I am the soul(sole) artist behind Alchemized Nature. Growing up on a lake in rural Wisconsin with a doors open policy, you can say that Mother Nature had a hand in raising me. Exploring the open meadows, listening to the waves crash on the rocks, and climbing trees to pick berries, I've always had a deep reverence for nature and all her gifts. My mother is an artist but the responsibility of raising a large family came first. I remember sneaking into the basement to flip through her sketches and admire her pottery, but I never knew my mother the artist. And I didn't know the artist inside of me either. Life continued on and I always said "I'm not creative. I just don't know how to be," but I always had a spark of curiosity to see what I was capable of. It would be many years until I allowed myself to follow that curiosity. With 2020 came an itch to immerse myself in nature, I began to bring art supplies into the woods with me. I'd sit for hours, sometimes painting wildflowers I had picked or other times just mixing paint to see what new beautiful shade I could create. One day I was sitting in the creek, reading my book when a Tiger Swallowtail butterfly wing floated up to me. So unique and vibrant, unlike anything I'd seen before (my necklace in the above photo). Admiring the existing beauty, I felt no call to replicate it like I did when painting. I wanted to amplify it. So I did. I began preserving elements of nature in resin and transforming them into wearable talismans to share with others. This brand, Alchemized Nature, is a physical representation of my relationship with Mother Nature. I hope my creations inspire you to cultivate yours, too.
Lots of love,
Casey Preinitz